moroccan tiles patern

moroccan tiles patern

Moroccan Tiles

The pattern of Moroccan tiles follows geometric designs.These geometric patterns are repeated by following a particular order.

The layout of these patterns together creates brilliant images.

moroccan tiles
moroccan tiles

floor and wall

price: 50 USD/square meter

Delivered in Tehran

wight:15.8 kg/square meter


geometric tile
geometric tiles
persian tiles
persian tiles
hand made tiles
hand made tile


persian tile

persian tile


Tile in the most general sense of the worth is the name given to material that is made from a type of  clay soil and later fired in an oven with

a surface glaze and decorated with various motifs.

traditional tile
persian art tile

for wall and floor

dimention:20#20 cm

price:20 us $ per/square meter

delivery in Tehran

how is tile made?

Tile is produced by mixing raw material such as kaolin chalk clay and quartz in specific percentage.

haftrang tile
haftrang tile 2
minyatur tile
haftrang tile workshop

kazempour brothers tile

producer of persion art tile

isfahan tile
isfahan tile producer
esfahan tile
art tile
persian tile workshop
kazempour tile workshop

At this stage, the paintings are painted by mineral pigments.


isfahan tile
isfahan tile
persian tile working
persian tile working